Luxurious Bath Oil Candle - Exclusive to 143

As we all know, the best things come in small packages. This beautiful little Bath Oil Candle is a real powerhouse and like no other candle.
This is NOT a traditional room candle.
This unusual product is exclusive to 143. It scents and softens your skin with our Lotus of Japan perfume, while you bathe.
Just light the candle, let the water run and pour a few drops of the scented oil into a luxurious bath. Step in, relax and enjoy.

What a unique, unusual and special gift for someone you love. Our luxurious Bath Oil Candle also comes as part of our beautiful pampering Gift Box range.
The perfect gift of love, to enjoy alone or with that someone special....
Enough oil for approximately 25-30 baths, depending on how many drops you want to add. 
Made from natural raw materials, these unique candles contain NO preservatives or paraffin.


STEP 1  Light the candle

STEP 2  Let the water run

STEP 3  Wait for the wax to melt

STEP 4  Blow the candle out and pour the scented oil into your bath

STEP 5  Step into your deep luxurious bath – HEAVEN!


  • Completely dispersible in water at a temperature of about 35°C
  • Perfumes the bath water and leaves a light scent on your skin
  • Softens the skin and protects it from dryness and tightness

Our beautiful products are manufactured in Grasse, France, the home of international perfumery.
During the 16th century, Grasse was known for its leather treatment industry and leatherwork. This leather had a somewhat unpleasant smell.
The idea emerged to perfume it. Rose, jasmine and tuberous plants, as well as mimosas and other flowers crops were therefore grown.
At the end of the 16th century, the whole of Europe travelled to Grasse to purchase these flowers.

And so the city became the Capital of Perfume.

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